7:27 PM Thursday, <February 9>, 2023>
Actually used my parents care enough that I had to fill it up. I was running all the way on E, got the light to show up and everything, but don’t think I figured out how to show miles to empty. I just assumed the 20 miles when I saw it a couple nights ago was too low. Slightly worried that I’d run out before I got to a gas station, but I made it just fine. Also got to use Apple Pay from my watch to pay, which is always nice. Also got to use the Webster bridge for the first time since it reopened to get to Mariano’s. Impulse purchases today: Häagen-Dazs ice creams (White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle), a shrimp cocktail, spring mix, and watermelon juice. Started up watching Lost in Space (2018) while I was on the bike trainer for my indoor bike ride. Yeah, I started exercising again.