10:08 PM Friday, <February 10>, 2023>
Since I’ve only really got a couple podcasts I listen to that put out weekly episodes, and because of the NBA Trade Deadline, I started listening to The Bill Simmon’s Podcast again. Still entertaining, even if I haven’t really been keeping up that much on the sports ball world. Picked up dinner from TSAôcAA, even though Lucy skipped practice today. Only been like a month since the last time we got carryout. I’m working my way through the cocktails made for the various six families parties through the years, so I know which ones to make. Makes me want to try riffing and creating new cocktails (mostly to try and get around using fresh juices). Got a couple UniFi SmartPower Strips (6 outlet). Super easy to get on the network, and then again via a plugin and homebridge into HomeKit. Even gives me PoE switch port power control. Should have just gone that direction in the first place.