10:41 PM Tuesday, <February 14>, 2023>
Went to Jewel after dropping Lucy off at swim practice to pick up stuff for the lunch she has to bring for her field trip tomorrow and I noticed a number of individuals walking through the store with flowers, or cards, or picking up something sweet. Funny. Also, the Jewel on Clybourn and Wrightwood might be my new favorite Jewel for it’s selection. I should probably try some more to compare, but it’s definitely got stuff that my local Jewel on Southport does not have. Rode the xtracycle over to help my mom with a DocuSign issue. First time on a real bike ride in a while, and realizing it’s completely different from training. I’ve got to ramp up the training a lot. Also from Monday, I realized I get 10% off equipment at Movement Wrigleyville. Next month it’s time to upgrade my shoes.