11:31 PM Wednesday, <February 22>, 2023>
Went to Old Fashioned Magic at the Koval Distillery last night with the six families and the Spauldings. Really good magic show, and really good cocktails. I’m definitely going to have to go back for the cocktails. And thanks to my parents for watching the kids on the school night. As it was, almost everyone had to head home to put kids to bed. Next party will be around St. Patrick’s day. Headed out to the ‘burbs tomorrow after school for my parents 50th wedding anniversary on Friday. My brother and his family is flying in tomorrow. Also happens to coincide with Lucy’s regional swim meet this weekend, so going to go out there with the family to watch her as well. Didn’t exercise today. It was raining, so didn’t want to walk to the gym, and too lazy to drive. Just wanted an excuse because I wasn’t up for it today. Not sure how much weight I’m going to put on this weekend but I’m sure it’s gonna be a lot.