10:10 PM Wednesday, <February 1>, 2023>
Only 334 more Daily Doses to go. Starting to track my cocktails on my Micro.blog account. So now that’s handling cocktails, books, and pet peeves kind of. Still want to get a Mastodon instance up and running so I can join the party. Although I just took a gander at mastodon.social, and it seems a little depressing. Kind of weakens the appeal. Might just take me a while to do it though. Drove Tracy downtown for a doctor’s appointment today, so preordered and picked up Sprinkles. They managed to forget 3 cupcakes (out of 14), but it was like 1 out of a box of 6, and 2 out of another box of 6. I wonder if it was because I picked it up slightly early, and they weren’t finished packing it? Called in to get it fixed, and going down tomorrow to pick up the missing ones. Might get more too. Like for me. Left a couple carrots outside, because I saw a bunch of bunny tracks in the snow. Hoping they’re gone in the morning.