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10:42 AM Sunday, September 6, 2015
Al and Nicole and Luke visited this past week. Saw them in Woodstock last weekend, then took Wednesday and Thursday off to do some sightseeing, Maggie Daley Park and Buckingham Fountain on Wednesday, and Montrose Beach on Thursday. Montrose has great sand, but the water was really cold. Also took my first Uber from Buckingham Fountain. Super easy. Good to see them all. Luke and Lucy played well, and Jackson was apparently very funny to Luke, and they all ran around and got loud and stuff. Always nice to see cousins playing well. I'm back to having a working phone, and looking forward to ordering a new one this week after the rumored announcement at the Apple Event Hey Siri, give us a hint. (September 9, 2015). House is chugging along. Can definitely see the end. Starting to think about closet organizers. Went to the Blaine Kick Off Picnic, saw Tun for a bit but he was besieged by parents and students. Lucy's first day is Tuesday. Kindergarten. Crazy. After School programs don't start until the following week, so going to be interesting. Finished up Mr. Robot. Had watched the first 9 episodes via the USA Now app on iPad or Apple TV, but figured I'd end up rewetting it and it's a really good show. Also Tracy's been watching Playing House, also on USA, which is very entertaining. They look like they really enjoy it. Just saw that the final season of Continuum starts soon. So I'll have to start watching that too.
11:55 PM Wednesday, September 16, 2015
Got hit by a sudden flu bug which took me out for a day and a half. I was wondering why it was so hard riding my bike in to work yesterday morning, then I realized I wasn't feeling so well about midway through morning before calling it and riding back home and collapsing on the floor bed and sleeping until picking up the kids. Then sleeping a lot more. Of course, I'm up now, but that's usual. But feeling better. Figure I'll stay off the bike for at least tomorrow. Moves the needle on the decision to go on the North Shore Century on Sunday, already affected by the pullout of Russell. Think it'll move to a gameday decision. iOS 9 released, and I only got around to updating all the devices this evening. That's how out of it I was, didn't check Twitter or RSS much today. I did finally watch Avengers: Age of Ultron since I caught up on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which did lead directly into the movie, although it didn't answer all the questions. Still have 3 more episodes from last season.
10:49 AM Monday, September 21, 2015
Did the North Shore Century yesterday. Actually did it. I think it's my third year, not in a row, but first time by myself. Figured why not. Took my time. Actually biked to Kenosha and back. Crazy. One of these years I'll have to do a long bike ride not in commuter mode: with handlebar and saddle bags, fenders and front rack. Maybe if I ever get a dedicated road or commuter bike, one or the other. Took the Red Line up to Howard, rode over to Dawes Park. Started around 7:30? Tried using the Apple Watch to track my workout. Didn't last the full 100 miles. Did use Strava to track the ride, which is how I found out it was around 8 hours of actual riding time. Left the phone in the handlebar bag plugged into an external battery for most of the ride. Made it back at 4pm. Then I tacked on an extra 7 miles or so to get home. So cross that off my list of things to do. Think I just want to figure out how to bike to Wodstock next. Also pretty sore. Going to take a week off biking or so. And towards the end was craving Papa John's because they didn't have pizza at the Highland Park rest stop. Also, I had to stop and take pictures/video of a playground by a school in Waukegan that was nothing but purple monkey bars, Lucy's favorite. Seriously, look a little like an American Ninja Warrior training ground.
6:54 AM Thursday, September 24, 2015
Legs are mostly recovered from the 107 mile bike ride on Sunday. Quads are anyway. Starting to feel some tightness in the left achilles, which may or may not be related. Been watching Homeland, I think trying to binge before Season 5 starts. Because the previous 4 seasons supposedly expire from online streaming on October 7. McRib is in season, so need to get one of those today. Tried out the mobile ordering from Starbucks yesterday. Super easy. Just walk in and pick up. And complete customization available within the app. Got myself a double short pumpkin spice latte. And to be honest, trying to keep up my gold status with them. And just checked and I lost my gold status. I'm back to green. Also I started using a Dunkin Donuts card because I saw someone use their Apple Watch to pay once. And now I'm that guy paying for donuts with his watch. It's not Apple Pay, but still super convenient.
Archive of <September> <2015> [reverse chronological]