10:49 AM Monday, <September 21>, <2015
Did the North Shore Century yesterday. Actually did it. I think it's my third year, not in a row, but first time by myself. Figured why not. Took my time. Actually biked to Kenosha and back. Crazy. One of these years I'll have to do a long bike ride not in commuter mode: with handlebar and saddle bags, fenders and front rack. Maybe if I ever get a dedicated road or commuter bike, one or the other. Took the Red Line up to Howard, rode over to Dawes Park. Started around 7:30? Tried using the Apple Watch to track my workout. Didn't last the full 100 miles. Did use Strava to track the ride, which is how I found out it was around 8 hours of actual riding time. Left the phone in the handlebar bag plugged into an external battery for most of the ride. Made it back at 4pm. Then I tacked on an extra 7 miles or so to get home. So cross that off my list of things to do. Think I just want to figure out how to bike to Wodstock next. Also pretty sore. Going to take a week off biking or so. And towards the end was craving Papa John's because they didn't have pizza at the Highland Park rest stop. Also, I had to stop and take pictures/video of a playground by a school in Waukegan that was nothing but purple monkey bars, Lucy's favorite. Seriously, look a little like an American Ninja Warrior training ground.