6:54 AM Thursday, <September 24>, <2015
Legs are mostly recovered from the 107 mile bike ride on Sunday. Quads are anyway. Starting to feel some tightness in the left achilles, which may or may not be related. Been watching Homeland, I think trying to binge before Season 5 starts. Because the previous 4 seasons supposedly expire from online streaming on October 7. McRib is in season, so need to get one of those today. Tried out the mobile ordering from Starbucks yesterday. Super easy. Just walk in and pick up. And complete customization available within the app. Got myself a double short pumpkin spice latte. And to be honest, trying to keep up my gold status with them. And just checked and I lost my gold status. I'm back to green. Also I started using a Dunkin Donuts card because I saw someone use their Apple Watch to pay once. And now I'm that guy paying for donuts with his watch. It's not Apple Pay, but still super convenient.