5:51 AM Thursday, <October 8>, 2015
Website was down for a bit. Upgraded the web server to El Capitan, and had to wait for some free time to figure out the little things to get the sites back up and running. Still have to recompile php with mcrypt to get the kids sites back up. Also, still having a few issues on proxy issues, since the new Server.app now serves sites through a proxy. Tracy and I upgraded phones, she's on a rose gold iPhone 6S while I went big with the iPhone 6S Plus. Didn't take me long to get used to it, but now completely used to the size, to the point that the regular 6S looks normal, and when I had to do something on the old 5S it felt like a teeny tiny toy. But going big also means I'm trying consolidating, so no more iPad at this point. Think I'll be ok with only 1 device going forward. Back to El Cap, have everything but the main server upgraded. Been doing nuke and paves, and don't want to take the iTunes server down for any extended period of time. Just in case we have internet connectivity issues and still need to entertain the kids. But since the kids are going to my parents this weekend, as good a chance as any to upgrade. Besides that looking forward to sleeping in. Might try for the chance for free Stan's Donuts for life at their new LakeView store opening Saturday morning.