11:20 PM Sunday, <October 11>, 2015
Ate too much on a kid free weekend. Went to Sable on Friday night. Good, but standard good. Gastropub fare, bone marrow, burrata caprese, beet salad, tartar, oysters, pork belly, fancy cocktails. Then went to Eataly for the first time. Pretty cool. Much more open than I imagined. Didn't actually eat anything myself because I was stuffed. Saturday was much better, Frontera Grill with Jason Trimble. Really good food, street food trio, ceviche, guacamole, and the duck mole, and apple/ground cherry tart. All really really good. And cocktails were good too. Can totally see why you have to make reservations months in advance for that place. It's that good. Sunday morning was Summer House for breakfast. Just ok, french toast, waffle, candied bacon and sausage. Very cool space though. No bloody mary. Just coffee. Too much rich food. Finally watched Pitch Perfect 2, which I thought was really well done and very enjoyable. Also watched Jurassic World, which I also thought was really well done as a great follow up to the first one. Just well done. Got the house server upgraded to El Capitan, and got a much higher resolution running on the MacBook, and cleaned off the desk a bit, and got the older iOS devices ready for Lucy. And slept in a bit. So fairly successful weekend. Even managed to do a little work on Saturday.