10:24 PM Thursday, <October 15>, 2015
Got a standby jury notice a while back for today for the R. J. Daley Center for today. Put my PTO notice in. Called last night, and my last name falls between A-F inclusive. So I get a pseudo day off work and instead do my civic duty. Start time was 9:30, so I had time to get a donut from Do-Rite. Did some reading, podcast listening, then got and hour and a half for lunch. Got Burger King, wandered around the market. After lunch my panel got called, along with a couple more. I actually got to sit in the jury box this time, in the second group. Got asked and answered questions. But in the end not picked. Got my check and dismissed. Enough time to pick up some treats from Magnolia Bakery and design my closet at The Container Store. So back to work tomorrow.