9:48 AM Sunday, <October 18>, 2015
Somehow managed to get the flu again. Slightly different than the last one, which was fairly recent, this time with a sore throat. Came on fast, Friday night. Full body ache seems to be over, but now have the head congestion. Got called out by Carter at work for a halloween costume. Might just reuse an old existing costume, not sure I can come up with something in a couple weeks or not. And can't play off the kids costumes, not much for adults in the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls world. Went to a birthday party out at the DuPage Children's Museum yesterday. Pretty entertaining place for the kids. Tracy and Lucy made Monkey Bread for breakfast. It was fabulous. I think it was relatively easy too. Been wanting to go to Stan's Donuts in their new LakeView location, but for some reason Jackson doesn't want to go in the early morning when we're up and no one else is. One of these days.