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10:51 PM Sunday, October 1, 2023
New month. New day. Walked over and got some McDonald’s for breakfast. Don’t really get it all that often lately. Been craving a McGriddle. They forgot a sausage biscuit with egg and cheese from my order though. That sucked. Took the kids out to H Mart, got a bunch of stuff. Ran into Tun at Home Depot. Good to see him. Used the griddle Al got me as a gift. Works pretty well, but we had no idea what the temp is. Also need to restock our firewood with real firewood, and not chopped down trees from parkways. Also got the shelves hung in the costume closet. Need to hang up all the costumes next to see just how many we have.
10:23 PM Monday, October 2, 2023
Had to take Lucy to an eye doctor appointment this afternoon, so broke up the day a bit. I did manage to get a run in, even though it was pretty hot out. Go figure it’s October 2nd. Took Lucy out early (she just missed Advisory/Study hall), and that made the drive down much easier. Amazed how much a difference 45 minutes makes. Drive back up was pretty bad though. Annoyed that Mario’s Italian Lemonade is closed for the season. Today would have been a great day for it. Got our usual Mochinut though. Took a little time to try and clean the Solo Stove griddle we used last night. Not easy to clean. The most effective method was heating it up and then applying water and scraping with a wooden spoon. The kosher salt method wasn’t efficient, even after I brought out the cleaning brushes attached to a drill. Definitely needs some seasoning now.
9:23 PM Tuesday, October 3, 2023
Finished up Star Trek: Picard Season 3. Definitely just Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 8. Makes me wonder if they should do final seasons of all the other shows too. Then again, I had to look up a bunch of stuff because I didn’t watch Deep Space Nine and Voyager and Enterprise and Discovery. Next up? Chernobyl.
10:20 PM Wednesday, October 4, 2023
Not sure if I can do Chernobyl. Might be a little too heavy for me right now. Tempted to do Ahsoka instead, although it does seem like I’ll be able to hold off without any spoilers. Got Popeye’s as a snack for the kids today. The nuggets are good, real nuggets of chicken. And they have wings now, and those were pretty good too. Kids still like Wendy’s nuggets better though. Need to try Sonic next. I would say Burger King, but the one close by on Irving Park closed down like last week. If I had known I would have walked over to pick it up one last time. Not sure if it’ll come back, or if I’ll have to console myself with the Culver’s that’s opening up on Addison.
7:47 PM Thursday, October 5, 2023
Finally completed the BetterMe 28 Day Calisthenics workout program. Only took 45 days (there was a week of sickness, probably took a bunch of weekends off, and took 5 days or so to do the last one). Anyway, not sure if I want to try it again? I think I have access for another 45 days, so maybe. Then I’ll try something else out. Did some long walks to do returns today, so got a little more exercise too. And then walked Jackson down and picked him up later from Hudson’s. So yeah, lots of walking. According to my Apple Watch, 7.24 miles worth. No driving today since Lucy had a cross country meet after school and didn’t go to swim practice.
9:56 PM Friday, October 6, 2023
Wanting to make a Milk Bar layer cake for the Canadian Thanksgiving, but haven’t put the recipe in Paprika yet, nor do I know what I need to get. Maybe I’ll make something else? Not sure when I’ll be able to get around and get all the stuff. I’ll try and input the recipes tonight, that’ll make it easier to find out what I need to get. Spent the evening driving around after dropping Lucy and Alex off at practice. Got a bunch of shopping done. Decided to put app limits and downtime on my Screen Time for my Apple devices. Haven’t been sleeping enough lately, so I think it’s time.
10:27 PM Monday, October 9, 2023
Well, I missed Saturday because I was baking (until 4:30am). That’s because I didn’t start until like 8pm, and I was watching movies, and I couldn’t find the acetate I use during cake assembly. Sunday I missed updating because we went to the Canadian Thanksgiving celebration at the O’Tooles that I brought the baked goods to. The grapefruit pie and apple pie layer cake were both pretty good. Big fan of the grapefruit pie, although the presentation leaves something to be desired. Jackson had a couple soccer games this weekend, got killed on Saturday to Ronan and Finn’s team and only lost by 1 to one of the undefeated teams in the league on Sunday. They played so much better on Sunday, like night and day. Had to bring Lucy to the eye doctor to pick up some soft contacts as backups for when her Ortho-Ks aren’t working well due to allergies.
10:05 PM Tuesday, October 10, 2023
So figured out the shelves in our costume closet aren’t normal closet wire shelves, they’re actually closer wire pantry shelves, which just means the regular closet rod supports don’t work. So had to return those, after dropping Lucy and Alex off at swim practice, which was fine, because traffic northbound on Lake Shore Drive looked bad. Got something different, but not sure if it’s going to work. It will involve trying to get a 89” closet rod through the existing supports somehow. Started Only Murders in the Building. I’m hooked after the first episode. Had another Malort cockatil, The Forced Retirement. Not bad. I might put it on the menu. Thinking I need to try the classy version of the Jaeger bomb. I think I have Jaegermeister.
9:56 PM Wednesday, October 11, 2023
I guess it feels like I’m jet lagged. Sleep schedule is all off. Body feels tired during the day, and get more energy after dinner. Not good and conducive to a normal lifestyle. Got my run in today. Thinking I should look into New Balance sneakers, since it kind of feels like the shin splints might be acting up on me. Definitely don’t want those again. Started looking for thermal tights to wear, as I think I’m going to keep up running as exercise. We’ll see if it’s just another fad for me, or if I’ll keep it up long term. Thoroughly enjoying Only Murders in the Building 2 episodes in.
9:36 PM Thursday, October 12, 2023
Got some firewood delivered from Firewood Chicago. They also took a couple logs that I couldn’t cut up into firewood from the tree that was taken down on the parkway. So that’s one thing off my to-do list for this week. Only a couple more. I had a bunch of stuff in my Apple Store bag, kind of waiting for a 256 GB iPhone 15 Pro in Natural Titanium to have a more definite delivery time or even Apple Lincoln Park same day availability, and lo and behold, it was available for pick up today. And I didn’t order it. I actually said no. I’m not even sure I’ll even do the upgrade to the 15. I went ahead and emptied the bag, so I won’t get tempted again.
9:39 PM Friday, October 13, 2023
Did my Couch to 5K today, managed to do it while it wasn’t raining. Also managed to pick up Jackson in a gap in the rain as well. Took him to soccer practice, while there was a break in the rain. He did get rained on, but got to do nothing but scrimmage in little games. He even got to play against Jackson G. Even stuck around after practice to kick the ball around with me.
8:54 PM Saturday, October 14, 2023
Made waffles for breakfast. Watched Chef and The Chef Show. Drove Jackson to his soccer game. Wasn’t raining, but still windy and cold. They managed a tie. Missed out on the after game team outing for Hudson’s birthday party at Lucky Strike. Got some bowling in.
10:19 PM Sunday, October 15, 2023
Got the closet rod hung in the costume closet. Got a couple shelves mounted in the linen closet. Funny that everyone in the family is wondering what we’re going to use it for, which is funny, because it’s a closet that apparently no one else wants to use. Anyway, probably going to have to get different supports since the shelves are just short enough that the end supports don’t quite work. Ordered up food for the halloween party. Played some soccer at Lake View School Park with Finn and Hudson. Successfully signed Jackson up for another quarter of Ten Pound Cake. That in itself would have made for a successful Sunday. Stayed up way too late to finish Season 1 of Only Murders in the Building. I got spoiled just because I saw how the guest was on a podcast for recapping the last episode of Season 1. So that’s annoying, Hopefully I can stay a little more in the dark for season 2. Made a Super Simple Syrup and tried it in a whiskey sour. Not bad, but seems like not quite as foamy. But probably good enough. So I can stop using egg whites. Next up for molecular mixology? Foams.
8:35 PM Monday, October 16, 2023
Had to drive Lucy to/from swimming today, so stuck around and did some shopping. Got some more organizers, hopefully for my photography equipment to go into and away. Hit up Binny’s to get another Monkey Shoulder because Tracy finished up the last one, and lo and behold, they had a Blue Spot for MSRP. Lucky lucky day. So completed the Spot set, aside from some different Green Spot cask finishes (of which there are 3 different ones). Also hit up Home Depot for those supports for the linen closet shelves. And currently at Dom’s Kitchen & Market waiting for Lucy to finish practice before picking her up. Got another day of Couch to 5K in. Thinking of how to organize and clean up the basement for the party. Lots of stuff to put places.
8:40 PM Tuesday, October 17, 2023
Started cleaning/organizing the garage and the crawl space. Probably going to have to store some of the bikes in the crawlspace. Also need to look into mounting the pulley system to mount the xtracycle on the ceiling somehow. Went back to Dom's Kitchen & Market. Got another Napoleon (I love those things), but will wait to eat that one until tomorrow, because I had a pint of Green Tea Haagen-Daz with lunch. Gotta start figuring out what I need for the drink menu for the party this weekend. Wondering if I should start a menu book.
10:01 PM Wednesday, October 18, 2023
Got the xtracycle hanging from the garage ceiling. Hoping it stays up there, and is high enough that my parents car fits under it. All set to pick up Al’s Beef and Loaf Lounge chocolate cake on Friday. Still gotta clean the baseement, bathrooms. Should probably test the projector and the fog machine. Oh, and print and laminate the drink menus. Think I’ve received all the stuff for my Steampunk costume for Haunted Soiree. Gotta try it on and check with Tracy’s to see if we need anything else. Other than that, I think we’re set. Hopefully.
7:32 PM Thursday, October 19, 2023
Well, there’s a car under the hanging xtracycle in the garage now. It stayed up all night, so figure it’s stable. Just hope it stays up and doesn’t fall. Lucy skipped practice to do homework. So got to stay home and not drive around. Just picked up Popeye’s for dinner. Still gotta clean the basement more, starting to shove things into the crawlspace.
10:14 PM Friday, October 20, 2023
Not much left to do. Basement’s pretty clean. I was able to move my desk into the crawlspace. Threw out a bunch of old Nerf darts. Picked up some foods for the party. Made the drink menus and recipe sheets. Cleaned. Hopefully haven’t forgotten anything.
9:37 PM Monday, October 23, 2023
Didn’t realize I missed posting Saturday and Sunday. Had to give a ride to a couple of Jackson’s teammates on Saturday. They lost again, but they played well. Lots of good passing. Quite enjoyable to watch at times. Halloween Party went well, bartended a bunch. Next time I need more glassware (specifically coupes), forgot to prepare the espresso, need more lemon juice, and full bottles of base liquors. And a mocktail or two on the menu. Also, for the drink menu, go back to spirits instead of brand names, or have a glossary at the bottom. But overall went well. Cleaned and stuff on Sunday. Jackson had a birthday party to go to so was gone all day. Back to work today, but on the iPad Pro. Took my desk out of the crawlspace, but didn’t put it back yet. Didn’t realize how much I’m wearing the carpet down with my chair, so thinking I need to put something down.
8:43 PM Tuesday, October 24, 2023
The big tables at Dom’s Kitchen & Market is really good for working. Just the right height on chairs and table. And I get to eat and snack. Anyway, that’s where I am waiting for Lucy’s swim practice to finish up. Tracy got lunch from GG’s Chicken Shop for the first time. It’s pretty good. Setup my desk again, switched chairs back with Tracy so I’m back on my HAG Capisco. Used it more as a stool today, higher up. Kind of nice. Also finally figured out how to get the MacBook Pro in Windows to not sleep when the lid is closed, which makes it much easier to slide into the under desk mount. Since I started listening to The Rewatchables again, I’ve watched So I Married an Ax Murderer, Toy Soldiers, and just started The Rock. Good times. Also I’m running out of drive space for Plex again, so time to get more. Last time was 16 TB in March. That’s not a good sign.
9:36 PM Wednesday, October 25, 2023
Feels like a Friday. But it’s a Wednesday. Probably because the kids are off the next 2 days, so that’s why. Lucy’s got another Ortho-K followup tomorrow, and a haircut. Then Lucy has a birthday party on Friday and another on Saturday. Jackson’s got his last game of the season on Sunday. Did another Couch to 5K run, still right around a 9 minute mile.
10:51 PM Thursday, October 26, 2023
Had to drive Lucy around today. Followup with Village Eyecare, no problems, dry spots going away with allergy drops. Tried out Two Shades Cafe for cortado, but the danish was too thick. Picked up Mochinut but no mochidogs, just the mochinuts, and bubble teas. Stopped off at Target for some random food snacks and birthday presents. Short time at home before walking Lucy to a haircut then more walking for me to get additional gift cards for birthday presents. Did get Cafe Tola empanadas for lunch though. Good stuff as always. Picked up dinner for the family from Noodles & Company, before driving Lucy down to swim practice and doing some work while at Dom’s Kitchen & Market. Actually pretty productive down there, figured out why the counts weren’t as expected on a historical export.
9:41 PM Friday, October 27, 2023
Did my Couch to 5K on the track at Lake View High School. Different, but didn’t have to worry about stop lights and traffic and walk signs. Wouldn’t mind keeping it up, but there’s school during the day so I don’t I’m allowed to. My iPhone Pro 15 choice is back in stock at Apple Lincoln Park. Holding off again, waiting for a good time to do in person pickup. So if it’s available on Monday still, I’ll probably do the order. Got to meet a couple Lane Tech Academic Center parents at the birthday party I had to take Lucy too up in Evanston. Also did some work at Patisserie Coralie (the old Cafe Mozart location). That was weird. And of course had to pick up a couple treats from Bennison’s too. Don’t know the next time I’ll be up there. Picked up White Castle for lunch and dinner on the way home. Hung out with my parents for a bit, as they dropped food and the car off. Didn’t actually have to drive to/from swim practice, which was nice.
8:48 PM Saturday, October 28, 2023
Actually out for the Haunted Soirée. Definitely weird actually going out for a Halloween event. Dressed up in Steampunkish costumes. Dinner at Bocadillo Market. Pretty good Spanish tapas. Oh, typing this on my new iPhone 15 Pro. Also got an Apple Watch Ultra 2 along with a bunch of other stuff. Upgrade year.
9:40 PM Sunday, October 29, 2023
So slowly working through all the sign ins and issues with switching phones. But the new one is pretty sweet. Definitely smoother all around, bigger, but not so much bigger. Screen is quite nice, and I think I’m noticing the refresh rate. Very pleasant. Took Jackson to his last fall season outdoor game. They played the other Northwind Premier 3 team, and they lost, 0-3. Guess they really are Premier 4. Still, first half was promising, they were playing well, and as usual, missing a striker. Picked up Joy Yee Noodles for the last time probably this year, then actually went up to the Target in Uptown to get body wash, eggs, and Pokemon cards, and then to Curious Creatures to get some food for Banana.
10:02 PM Monday, October 30, 2023
Dressed up as Danny Rojas for Trick or Treat on Southport. Came out pretty well. Hair really did it. But way too cold. Only lasted 1:45, was home by 6pm. I did my Couch to 5K as well this morning, wore thermals all around. Did the job well enough. Didn’t go until 1pm or so, so warmest part of the day. I’ll be off my training by 1 week, since the Hot Chocolate 5K is this Sunday. Actually I would have been perfect if I hadn’t gotten sick and had to pause for a week. Ended up watching the Apple Event (Scary Fast (October 30, 2023)). Nothing pressing for me.
10:36 PM Tuesday, October 31, 2023
On actual Halloween, didn’t dress up at all. Wasn’t feeling it today. Probably freezing my butt off yesterday made it hard to want to. So was pretty warm following the boys around. Finished up around 7:00pm, which seems early. But it was getting cold, and houses were running out of candy. We ran out of candy probably around 6:00pm. Might be find just hanging out at the house next year.
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