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11:25 AM Tuesday, September 2, 2003
Labor Day in Santa Cruz was pretty fun, even with the limited roster Kaze brought. We picked up a couple players, John and Mandy, Chad from South Lake Tahoe, and Whitney. While our win loss record wasn't that good, at 2-4, I thought we did fairly well, holding our own with what we had. We could argue for being Chumpions, as the team we were supposed to play bailed. Aside from the tourney, the weekend was good, except for the weather. I didn't know it got cold, downright chilly in Santa Cruz in the mornings and at night. But blue skies and sunshine when the fog eventually lifted. Managed a dip in the pacific, a corn dog on the boardwalk, and some more sand sculpting. Practice sometime this week, a track workout somewhere in there, and Tune Up this weekend. 1 of 3 tournament weekends in a row done. update 2:04pm I had completely forgotten about hanging out with Whitney and Company last thursday night, out at Piece, which was fun. A good time.
3:30 PM Wednesday, September 3, 2003
So I'm still playing catchup with sleep. And the body is starting to pay. But that's besides the point. Made wonton soup, teriyaki chicken and beef for dinner last night with Leah while we watched Drumline. Kaze practice has moved to Thursdays, so I'm headed to the track tonight. Hard to believe Tune up is merely 3 days away. My hair is getting a little out of hand, by that I mean it's looking a little shaggy, and by that I mean it's maybe 1/4" long or so. I might be working on growing it out a bit. Maybe.
2:31 PM Thursday, September 4, 2003
So I'm having trouble getting to my home box today, which means I've been off email for a while now. Scary. Definitely means I should look into redundancies, and also into co-locating a server. Which would be sweet, and I might have space in the budget, except for the initial overlay. And then the question arises, Linux or OS X? But for later. Last night tried to do the track workout, but too tired still. I got through the 400's but couldn't finish up with the mile. Had a chat with Tony, dinner was leftover wontons, and tried to watch some more Daredevil. It's cold, or at least chilly, which means some cold weather gear comes out at practice tonight. I should do some laundry, maybe tomorrow night, pre Tune-Up.
9:31 AM Friday, September 5, 2003
I still can't SSH into my home box, and reading my email once a day is really annoying. I'm starting to wonder if RCN has shut off ssh access. And I had random news.log errors on my console when I finally got to check email last night. But oh well, I'll figure something out eventually. Maybe I just got a new IP address. That's something I forgot to check last night. Practice at Union Park last night went okay. I'm pretty tired today, I think because of it, but maybe also because of lack of sleep, still. Quiet night tonight pre Tune-Up, some laundry, and hopefully lots of good sleep.
11:25 AM Monday, September 8, 2003
Friday night I managed to get laundry done, and Leah made dinner for me, her Asparagus and Leek soup, Chicken Tikki, and Diego's Dessert, all very good. Tune Up went fairly well. Kaze went 4-1 on Saturday losing to Bad Larry 13-10. Sunday we faced off against Blah out of South Bend and won, edging out our sectional rival for the first time since last year at sectionals. We then lost to Chad Larson Experience out of Iowa in a nail biter in the semis. Overall a pretty good tourney. Dinner saturday with Leah, her sister Alison, her friend Danielle from Vermont, at Sai. Sushi, so good. Dinner sunday was leftovers. A good steak and eggs breakfast this morning and a V8 seem to be my recuperation meal on Mondays after tourneys. Track workout tonight, another laundry session sometime this week, and maybe some more catch up on sleep. Oh, and I'm sorta half fighting off a cold or something. I just can't seem to tell.
1:08 PM Tuesday, September 9, 2003
Leah, Remy and I did Ryan Field last night, since the track at Evanston Township High School was covered with fresh paint. It was good. Dinner followed at Mt. Everest, a decent Indian/Nepalese place in Evanston. I've got to find a way to squeeze in a track workout sometime this week, maybe before practice on Thursday since there's a work function at Nevin's tomorrow night. In computing news, I've heard the U101 is discontinued, and the replacement might get announced in a week or so. I started lusting after it again. But that timeframe puts it into 12" Powerbook update time, which makes things cloudier in forecasting my next computer purchase.
12:52 PM Wednesday, September 10, 2003
Dinner was late last night, Pan Seared Salmon with a Citrus Vinegar glaze, green beans, rice, and an orange/almond salad. Another 30 Minute Meal that took about an hour to make. But not too bad. Also finished up with a mango sorbet with amaretto and shaved crystallized ginger. That desert was great, and all the flavors went together really really well. I get to try my hand at darts tonight, I'm guessing Cricket or 301, and I've got to pick up my car sometime today, since I got an oil change. I'm feeling better, but I'm still really tired.
9:56 AM Friday, September 12, 2003
Twofold, I actually use links as a web browser of choice, when I don't have access to Safari. And I've decided to be like these new flash in the pan web logs and give a list of links, the ones I read daily, or more than daily. But that's after the update. Wednesday night played some Cricket, did alright with the coworkers, went into bracket play as a 3rd seed, but had to leave early. I like darts. Thursdays practice was lowkey, and dressed all in graphite, and wandered by Twisted Spoke after to say goodbye to Shawn Walker, who's leaving town. Managed to sneak in a load of laundry this morning, getting jerseys clean and all that. So anyway, linkage:
10:23 AM Monday, September 15, 2003
Kaze won Central Plains Sectionals, 2 years in a row now, over Blah in the finals. I felt tired all weekend long, maybe it was the 3 tourneys in a row, or maybe the stadium earlier in the week, or the lack of sleep. But after 2 really good nights of sleep saturday and sunday, i'm feeling much much better. Kaze now has 3 weeks to fix things before Regionals. Hot tub at the hotel saturday afternoon was wonderful. Makes me definitely wish for more hot tub time. Food last night was Joy's delivery, and some enlightening conversation between Leah and Sarah, in town on her way to Berkeley. Quiet night with hopefully some household chores and tasks put away. Track tomorrow night, maybe a Sushi/Sashimi class at Whole Foods, stadium on wednesday, practice thursday, and hopefully a run home to Woodstock sometime this weekend.
12:31 PM Tuesday, September 16, 2003
So Apple finally updated their powerbooks. 12" is looking mighty nice, but I'm definitely going to have to wait until the end of the season before looking into getting one. Unless Sony comes out with something better than the U101. Finished up some household stuff last night. I now have too many DVD's, and I think I might have a problem in terms of DVD addiction. I put Monday Night Football on HDTV, just to see if it was still available, and it still is.
3:19 PM Wednesday, September 17, 2003
So I keep looking at the updated 12", and I keep thinking, and now my excuse is to wait until Panther is released, to kill 2 birds with one stone. That's what I'm thinking now. Track went alright last night, better, but still off. Leah and I had dinner at the same crepe place, but it was better last time. Joy Yee's across the street from work has some great freezes, I had a Taro freeze on Monday and a Lychee/Honeydew one today. So good. I'm headed home Friday night for sure now, got to see the 'rents and get them to check email again.
1:49 PM Thursday, September 18, 2003
I'm seriously addicted to the Joy Yee's freezes. I had a pineapple coconut last night after stadium, and I'm finishing up a cantaloupe right now. I realized last night that they are much healthier Slurpees. And I've got a history with Slurpees. Made fried rice for dinner last night and lunch for the next couple of days. I think I haven't mentioned it before, but I'm eating a regular breakfast now, at the Golden Olympic. This morning I had apple pancakes with a side of sausage patties and the bottomless cup of coffee. Having a good breakfast makes the day so much better, and less tiring.
2:37 PM Friday, September 19, 2003
So three days in a row is a lot to ask of my body. Track, Stadium, slight conditioning at practice, all adds up to too much. Add to this being the first non-tourney weekend since August 22nd, and I'm going to enjoy tomorrow. My only hope? That this will be the best shape I'll be in since college. I might drop by the Woodfield Apple Store on the way home to check out the new and updated powerbooks. Powermate drivers now handle more than one, so my dream of Mac powered Etch-a-Sketch can now come true. Possible El Mariachi Marathon tomorrow night, practice Sunday, some football watching and maybe poker post practice sums up my weekend plans.
2:13 PM Monday, September 22, 2003
Sickness might be returning, which isn't good. I guess I'm just not getting enough rest. Probably makes sense. Trip home to Woodstock was good. I finally got an iPass, so that was pretty sweet trying that out. I stopped by the Apple Store Woodfield, played with the new 15", I personally think it's too big for my tastes. Got some sushi saturday night, tough practice for me on sunday, and hanging out in Wicker Park and Russell's post practice. Since it's now fall, my work building has turned off the AC, which means instead of being frigid, it's now way too hot at work. I'm hosting Monday Night football, probably from here on out. I'm gonna try and sneak in some laundry tonight too. Track tomorrow, stadiums wednesday. Starting to sound like a broken record.
1:10 PM Thursday, September 25, 2003
So I've been a little out of commission, with what feels like the flu. Nasty flu though, I took half a sick day yesterday from work since I was absolutely worthless. Didn't get to workout at all this week, tried to take care of Leah who went down pretty hard with Strep the last couple days as well. I'm gonna take it easy for the next couple of days. Monday Night Football was fun, pretty low key, and watched the Raiders not even play a football game. Finally got Leah to watch Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.
1:41 PM Friday, September 26, 2003
As I recover from my 24 hour flu bug, I'm trying to take it easy. I skipped out on practice last night, and I'm pondering this weekend, as rumor has it weather is going to be a bit nasty, cold and rainy. I've got a head full of mucus that doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, so I'm waiting for that to drop. Otherwise I'm feeling much better. In light of the low keyness, I'm hoping to do some laundry tonight, an exciting Friday night activity, and maybe on Sunday a dinner party for Leah and her friends on her birthday. Hopefully practice if I'm lucky enough. Tea is currently my best friend, and since we've got one of those nifty hot and cold water dispensers at the office (not a sink), I'm set.
4:24 PM Monday, September 29, 2003
The sickness is mostly gone. The pressure in my head is pretty much gone. Just a nagging dry, sinus, something. Anyway, I definitely feel like I'm playing with fire, by practicing last weekend (it was the coldest yet), and by working out this week. Oh well, just wait and see. Leah's Birthday Dinner Party got postponed till Friday, so just a little dinner Sunday night, some vege stew and potato pancakes. Saturday, instead of the failed Korean BBQ which turned into Goose Island, Leah and I went to Platiyo on Clark. Not bad. Looked like they had good mojito's. We also wandered up Clark to Addison before dinner, and got to see all the revelers. Rather interesting, I'd say. Managed to watch I.Q. Sunday night, which is a great movie, and finally did laundry on Friday Night.
1:44 PM Tuesday, September 30, 2003
I skipped out on the sit down breakfast which meant a couple things, getting to work earlier, and not getting coffee. The second thing meant a couple things, no headache, and very sleepy. Not sure if I like the tradeoffs. I got to meet Cheddar, Leah and her college roommates' cat, fat cat anyway. He looks like fun. Managed to watch a little of the Core last night, instead of watching the Bears lose in High Def. Really don't feel like running outside tonight. It's really really cold out.
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