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11:34 AM Monday, May 5, 2003
Good weekend. Dinner Friday at Cornelia's, down the street from both me and Leah. A nice quiet Friday night. Saturday was Raz's last night in the city with friends, and now he's off to Germany. Saw X2, loved the opening scene with Nightcrawler. Spring League was good as well, winning both our games, the second by forfeit, followed with a BBQ at Pam's, which was fun. Sunday was another quiet day, Cubs game, but left right when it got interesting, in the 7th. Alias season finale was good in HD last night, but stupid stupid ending. Cliffhangers are stupid. I'm currently getting my piano tuned, and I'll try and play it more in the near future.
3:18 PM Thursday, May 8, 2003
Monday night dinner was Seared Ahi Tuna Salad with Sesame Noodles. I needed better tuna, but otherwise, one of my top five. It was good. Played some pickup with the University of Chicago Boys and Girls on tuesday, which was fun, and played some reaction ball with Brady afterwards. Watched the penultimate episode of Dawon's at Katie Kelly's last night, and caught up. Beach pickup today at North Ave. Beach, and Kaze pickup on Sunday. This weekend I'm headed up north for a night tournament in Whitewater, WI. I'm playing with an all asian team, Got Rice? Should be fun.
1:10 PM Monday, May 12, 2003
Midnight Dream up in Whitewater ended up being about a 16 hour tourney, with the second night moved up to the daytime because of expected inclement weather. But Got Rice, despite going savage on the guy side, and a first round bye/forfeit, came away with a 3rd place finish in their first tourney ever. Good times. Gotta remember to bring real food next year though. No Kaze pickup on Sunday, also due to inclement weather. Sunday Night I accompanied Leah to a Mother's Day Event out on the West Side. One of her student's family puts it on. Highlights: Leah winning the Grand Prize Door Raffle, a giant basket of goodies, and me getting picked up by a big black woman during a lip sync act. Seriously. Much funnier if you were there. Possibly some ultimate related stuff on Tuesday, Finale Episode of Dawson's on Wednesday, beach on Thursday, and the Spring League Tourney in Naperville on Saturday.
6:45 AM Monday, May 19, 2003
Okay, recap time. Last thursday, played some Beach Schtick, got some sushi at Tun's belated surprise birthday party, got some cake. Friday spent the day with Leah wandering around Museum campus, had lunch with Christi at the Burrito Buggy, yummm, mini steak, and then went to see Kate Kingery in the King and I up north off Bryn Mawr, then dinner at the Blue Angel. Saturday Spring League was sorta 2 and out. Although that morning I woke up with what feels like the beginning of the Phantom Ass Injury. Some sushi at Sai later that night, and a viewing of Bleu beforehand, and an early bedtime. Sunday was watching Kaze pickup, and then Matrix Reloaded and dinner at Bandera. Oh, and dessert at the Cold Store Creamery. On tap for this week, a whole lotta nothing.
5:40 PM Tuesday, May 20, 2003
Monday night dinner yesterday was Orange and Brandy Chicken with Fruited Rice and a nice Pear salad. Not too shabby. Yesterday I watched Sum of All Fears, and today snuck in Patriot Games as I try and finish out the Jack Ryan series of films this week. Getting them in chronological order is a little difficult, since they vary from the books so much. Gave myself a haircut before heading downtown to do some shopping with Leah before her class, which we failed at, yet again. Tonight I'm watching the Buffy Series finale at Bryan's with Adam and Sally. Tomorrow, well, my only plan would entail The Hunt for Red October.
8:39 AM Tuesday, May 27, 2003
Busy Memorial Day weekend. But going way back to last week, went home to Woodstock on Wednesday, did some family appliance shopping at ABT on Thursday, managed to get to Omega's for a trip down memory lane. Beach ultimate, even though I should have been resting Thursday Night. Friday played outside with Leah for a bit, dinner with the Schizz at Gino's East and some Cider and games at Guthries. Saturday brought shopping, church, and Korean BBQ. Sunday was Kaze Sunday, with watched and taped pickup, BBQ at Bryan and Akira's, disc golf in Grant Park, and a viewing of Equilibrium. A lazy Monday hanging out with Christi and Leah on the beach, shopping downtown in Water Tower, and dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. A very good weekend. Headed home to hook up my dad's new TV, gonna try and make a dry run to Evanston on public transportation tomorrow, going to school with Leah on Thursday. And so goes my last week of unemployment.
3:26 PM Friday, May 30, 2003
A big set of props to all the teachers out there. I went to school with Leah for a day, and well, it's crazy, I don't know how she or anyone else handles it, but they do and manage to teach america's youth. Crazy. Tacos at Bryan's last night along with some heckling of the National Geographic Bee hosted by Alex Trebek. Funnily enough, I'm going to see SpellBound, the documentary on the National Spelling Bee tonight. Gotta head out to Woodstock to finish installing the new TV and have to wait a bit before using my brand new fridge. Poker tourney style this weekend, probably skipping the Old Vs. Young Game at Northwestern, and watching more Kaze pickup on Sunday.
Archive of <May> <2003> [reverse chronological]