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7:49 PM Tuesday, April 1, 2003
So the appetite returns after playing in an ultimate tournament. I went grocery shopping, for Monday Night dinner, which ended up being Lemon Chicken, a repeat, but good, and bought 5 pringles cans, because they were on sale, along with 2 bags of the mini Oreo's, also because they were on sale. Quality food. I also managed to get some McD's, since I was craving that today. Working out makes me crave the junk food. Got a third interview with Market Advantage for Thursday. Paganello jerseys were delivered, and on their way to getting screened.
7:40 AM Tuesday, April 8, 2003
A whole week goes by. So let's recap. Breakdancing last Wednesday, learned a new pose just putting your forearm on the ground instead of your hand. Not extremely interesting. Third interview went well I thought on thursday, and had lunch with Katie. Oh, and visited with Katie and Christi while AJ and entourage looked at 1132 Winchester. Always a good time. Dinner Friday at Duke of Perth's. Good fish and chips. Got more UnderArmour cold gear, and wandered up Halsted with Big Leo doing some clothes shopping. Saturday was my first game of Spring League with the Goofballs. I missed Leah's quality hammer, but she was playing on the other team at the time. Good to run around, bad to run around in the cold. Then Connections, the Lab School Fundraiser at the Field Museum with Leah, which was a lot of fun. Got to do some dancing. Headed out for some "dancing" at Betty's Blue Star Lounge, and then home pretty early. And lots of sleeping. Lazy Sunday and Monday, but did manage to get laundry done. Sara and Alex came over for Monday Night dinner, which was Meatloaf and Smashed Potatoes, and we watched the big game. Wow, big update.
12:02 AM Monday, April 14, 2003
I can't believe I haven't mentioned the fact that TBS got syndication rights to Dawson's Creek and has been showing them in chronological order from the first season on. I believe they're in the middle of the third season? And they show 4 episodes a day, from 7-11am CST. It's addictive. But besides that, last week went by pretty quickly, Thursday had dinner at Mandy's place, a first grade teacher at Leah's school, wonderful Jamaican food, and helped her with making some Capuccino Tarts. Friday went and saw Better Luck Tomorrow, a great movie about Asian American teenagers. Dinner at Heaven on Seven. Spring league on Saturday, won our first game. Woodstock was good, seeing the 'rents, eating good food, getting lots of sleep, trying to update the computer. Dial up, so slow. Sunday got back in time for some beach pickup, but no game, but got the feet on the sand and a disc in my hand. Dinner at Sai. Managed to miss Alias yet again. Cubs game tomorrow. Possible hip hop show at the Hot House on Tuesday. And leaving wednesday for Paganello. Wow, another long update.
10:27 PM Monday, April 14, 2003
Cubs game tonight was fun. But I had to do a bit of scambling, as my hosting provider, did some upgrades, or changes, to their setup, which I had to figure out how to make my website work again. Which it does, since you're reading this, and I was able to post it. Gotta pack for the weekend away, should sleep some too.
10:07 AM Wednesday, April 16, 2003
Off to Paganello I go for the 4th time in as many years. Should be fun, as always.
7:32 PM Tuesday, April 22, 2003
Back from Italy. Scandal made it even further this year, 6th place. Even place finishes seem to be our strong suit. But definitely a good time as always. Good food, good play, good dancing. All around goodness. I can't really pick out highlights, it was more of a continuous good time. Quality. Maybe I'll work a complete write up one of these days. Not much on the horizon, but it's good to be back.
3:23 PM Thursday, April 24, 2003
So I think I might be coming down with the Flu, but it remains right on the edge of full blown infection. So maybe I won't get sick. Probably has something to do with the little sleep and lots of partying and plenty of wine and playing I did in Italy last weekend. Spring League on Saturday, down in Jackson Park for a change, dinner with Leah at Tru, finally, and maybe some ulty outside on Sunday.
3:09 PM Tuesday, April 29, 2003
Got one. Market ADvantage Systems Consultant. Sweet. It's up in E-town, so it's a little like coming home. But looking forward to it, it looks like a great place to work and should be a very interesting opportunity. Only took me a year to find it. Too much food last weekend, Twisted Spoke followed by Tru. Tru was fabulous. Amazing even. I'll try and copy the menu down, since they printed out and handed them to us on the way out. Return of Poker night was a blast on Sunday, as was HD Alias. Season Finale next weekend, should be good. Two weeks left at the Lab School. Too much Dawson's, and especially with the Countdown to Goodbye coming up. Lunch with Bryan and Raz today, and plans for Saturday coming up really busy: Spring league, team BBQ, X2, dinner with Mom, drinking on one of Raz's last nights in America.
12:17 PM Wednesday, April 30, 2003
Purchased my first couple of albums from the iTunes Music Store, the new digital music download service from Apple. The Roots "Things Fall Apart" and 50 Cent "Get Rich or Die Tryin'". Very easy to use. Very easy. Watching lots of Dawson's Creek, getting back up to speed for the Countdown to Goodbye, the series finale. I forgot that Monday Night dinner was Polish night, with Pierogis, mushroom, swiss and potato, onion and potato, and ricotta filled, and kielbasas and a Brussels sprout salad with bacon.
Archive of <April> <2003> [reverse chronological]