paga03, wildcat travel, international domestic flights, easy check, quick check, long flight, empty rows, writing, again, italian informative signs being non informative, circular directions, colosseum, tours for english speakers, train tickets, international BSOD, non reservations for return legs, no supermarkets, nice trains, confusing tickets, full trains, sardines in a can, rimini, esedra, sweet, nice, 3B's, piadinas, sand and beaches, titcombs, nap, shower, party, glowing stuff, wine and fishies, noodles and wine, sand, layout tattoos, fireworks, sand, handstands, sleep, breakfast, croissant, cafe latte, playing, germans, defense, grey jerseys, sweet, long sleeves all weekend long, bliss is bliss, quick stolen shower, pizza and pasta for dinner, cocktail party, massage aux titcombs, walk home, breakfast, play, win lose win, shower, fish dinner, theme songs, freestyle party dance dance dance, glowstick, music, dance dance dance, circle the wagons, protect the herd, sleep shower sleep, breakfast, play, win, lose win, better than previous, dirt couch for semis, shower, dinner of pasta and pizza, party indoors, dressed by tony, accosted by gendarmes, on the lam, dance dance dance, shower, sleep, play, international love trench, beach schtick, entertaining, shower, chinese food, forever, crepe crema, egyptian rat's crew, pack, sleep, train train train, run through airport, flight and home. done.
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