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10:40 PM Sunday, February 2, 2003
Got to do a little dancing at Bryan's party last night, which was really a welcome to chicago party for Bryan's sister Christy, which was really a birthday part for Christy. Anyway, actually brokedanced in front of people for the first time. I realized I actually don't have too much in my repertoire at all. Also managed to do a little latin dance, some salsa, I think. Might have been a meringue, or a mambo. Anyway, played ultimate outside for the first time on grass since last november. It was nice, if a little cold. Alias was okay. I'm losing interest in it. But I do enjoy watching it in HDTV. I feel the need to watch as much as I can in HDTV from now on though.
8:46 AM Thursday, February 6, 2003
I actually picked up Leah at the Airport monday night. Take that as you will. I finally got around to watching Groundhog Day a couple days late, not on February 2nd. But I got that movie/holiday in. Next up, Boondock Saints and St. Paddy's Day. Breakdancing was interesting, since Anacron our usual teacher was absent so our substitute, CJ, just started us out with handstands, headstands, and the crab stance. And today, my arms hurt, and my right elbow in particular. Leah came down and had sushi at Sai with me after class. Sushi, so good. I've got to head out to Woodstock for various administrative details, and hopefully back in early enough tomorrow to start prepping for Girls Night Out which I'm hosting.
8:30 AM Monday, February 10, 2003
Well, my grand ole plan to get out and dance Friday night failed miserably, due to the effects of alcohol. Dinner however went well and was quite enjoyable. I had 5 girls on my bed at one point in the night, fully clothed and enjoying the light show on my bedroom ceiling, but still. Saturday I spent recovering, and made it out to see The Recruit (good movie) and dinner at Twisted Spoke. Sunday was a good quality Sunday, with breakfast, newspaper reading, some shopping, and laundry with Leah. Take that as you will as well.
11:48 AM Wednesday, February 12, 2003
Okay, a breather. It seems like a whirlwind of stuff to do, and a full week packed with activities. But Monday Night Dinner with Leah was my standard, a repeat, Cinnamon Mushroom stuffed Chicken Breasts, Real Risotto (with Arborio rice) with green peas, and butter sugar snap peas. I'm getting better with my timing, so it seems, on my cooking. Tuesday I brought Leah to the Airport, so take that as you will. If you haven't figured it out already, she's my girlfriend. Last night I also did some hair coloring with Raz, stars for him and the world for me. I haven't decided yet whether to keep it or not, but maybe. Breakdancing and sushi for tonight, maybe an outing for AJ's birthday.
11:06 AM Thursday, February 13, 2003
Auto show starts tomorrow, and some other Hallmark holiday or something. Breakdancing class was okay, trying out tandem routines, but nothing new. Right elbow feels a little sore from handstands though. Sushi was good as always. Watched a little Shaolin Soccer while waiting for my hair to take again. I tried to do red tipped with orange under, but the bleaching was quite patchy. I do have one more night to fix it though. I'm using a sweet new Mac OS X program called Konfabulator. It's very cool. I'm currently watching weather here in Chicago and Wilmington and finally have a translucent desktop calendar.
9:49 AM Tuesday, February 18, 2003
The merry go 'round just doesn't stop. Tea & Strumpets did not play to seed this past weekend at WUFF Co-ed Nationals, and ended up 10th. Much fun was had by all though. Remember, no licking of rails. The Blizzard of 2003 had no real effect on travel back to Chicago, which went untouched. Oh yeah, birthday yesterday, spent travelling. Made dinner for Leah, using my birthday present knife to make Beef Burgundy with Herb Noodles and Spinach salad with Molten Chocolate Cakes for dessert. Yummm, almond flavored whip cream. Hair's back to black, birthday dinner with the family, including Al and Nicole back for a visit, out in the 'burbs tonight, Happy Birthday to my father. Woah, that sentence probably makes no sense at all.
8:45 AM Thursday, February 20, 2003
Blurs, as the days go by. Back in the city, cut my hair, need to replace a HD in a graphite iMac, which was my parent's until I replaced it with my Cube, which works again after I returned it to stock status. The iMac will become my music and light show server in the bedroom. Second to last breakdancing class last night was good, but my left arm's a little bruised and beaten. Rough but good. Trying to get into a bike pose from the 0 or 6 position in the six-step to the side. More sushi, which is always good. Weather's getting nicer, and sun's staying out longer. Spring must be coming. Ultimate Chicago Web Committee meeting tonight, and family comes to the city today. Busy bee.
8:27 PM Sunday, February 23, 2003
Full and Fun filled weekend. Some family hanging out Friday with some searching up on Lawrence for a Korean dining establishment, a quick dessert, and a party for Leo (congrats on the PhD!). More quality family time, some grocery shopping, and cooking for the family and the girlfriend on Saturday, followed by a lazy Sunday with an Old School viewing and Potbelly's and some TV watching. What next? Monday Night dinner with some Ladies of Kaze, some linux/router work for Bjorn on Tuesday, last Breakdancing class on Wednesday, and a possible weekend away from it all. I should slow down.
3:30 PM Wednesday, February 26, 2003
Only a couple days left, in a rather interesting February this year. Not that bad, not all smooth sailing; overall, very full. Monday Night Dinner ended up with some future Kaze players, and some older Kaze players, and a vegetarian meal, except for the chicken. Polenta, some grilled vegetables, stewed zucchini, and some birthday and anniversary cake. No linux router work, that got pushed back to the weekend. And definitive plans for a weekend in Saugatuck, MI with Leah. Old School and Dublin's on Friday night.
Archive of <February> <2003> [reverse chronological]