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2:56 PM Tuesday, March 2, 1999
I think I've finally kicked this illness. All that's left is the draining of the sinuses. It's the end of the quarter, projects and timelines come due. And I'm going to Georgia for Spring Break.
5:14 PM Thursday, March 4, 1999
I think I'm sick, again. A relapse maybe. So the basketball and ultimate practice and floor hockey probably wasn't such a good idea. Still resting a lot, trying to sleep if I'm not coughing. Hard to believe the quarter ends tomorrow.
5:20 PM Friday, March 5, 1999
Another tournament, this time in Bloomington, IN. Should be aninteresting weekend, playing fairly shorthanded, around 9 or soplayers. Got some NyQuil last night, some Vicks 44D this afternoon,so I should be all ready to play by tomorrow.
10:29 AM Monday, March 8, 1999
The tourney didn't kill me; it actually made me feel better. Even though it's reading week, there's still lots to be done. This time it has to.
11:40 PM Monday, March 8, 1999
Lush Life tonight in a snowstorm, listened to some Brazilian Jazz sung by a dive, Neusa. Then some television, and now some sleep. Still sick.
1:53 PM Wednesday, March 10, 1999
Went to Pete Miller's last night for the Bobbi Broom Trio. Don't have to listen to Jazz for homework ever again; now it's just for fun. Feels like a relapse of the sickness, whatever it is.
11:56 PM Thursday, March 11, 1999
Writing my paper, listening to jazz, got that final tomorrow on TheloniousMonk who was one cool cat. Other than that, nothing too interesting. Planning on going to breakfast at Saga tomorrow. Might go home on Saturday.
1:00 PM Monday, March 15, 1999
Before you know it, it's close to my last spring break ever. I am this close to finishing up my incomplete from last quarter, and then all that's left is some presentation and completion of my www group project. And then on Friday, I leave for Terminus in Atlanta, then a week of fun and sun in Hilton Head, SC, and then hopefully Huck Finn in St. Louis before returningfor my last quarter of school.
2:49 AM Wednesday, March 17, 1999
The only thing left is a progress paper and a presentation for my web group project. And then winter is over.
10:15 PM Thursday, March 18, 1999
It officially started yesterday at 11 when I finished listening to the web presentations. But it starts in earnest tomorrow when I leave for Atlanta. Then the week in Hilton Head followed by a tourney in St. Louis.Oh, and I'm still sick.
10:00 PM Monday, March 29, 1999
Last Quarter, last spring break. The car is a little injured again. I played a lot of ultimate. The team went total 7-5 for spring break. Spent my first monday off relaxing with Jess.
11:28 PM Tuesday, March 30, 1999
9:00Essentials of DesignEssentials of Design
12:00Lunch at Alison
1:00Introduction to DatabasesIntroduction fo Databases
2:00Information Systems
Archive of <March> <1999> [reverse chronological]