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1:27 AM Tuesday, April 6, 1999
The doses aren't quite daily anymore. I haven't decided whether or not to keep doing this or not. But in the meantime, expect absolutely nothing from this site.
Played in my last legit Big Chill. Scraped up my knees laying out on hard dirt at long field. Started Playing poker again, Pass the Trash and Followthe Queen are big winners among the new players. Got a big tournament this coming weekend. We're in the same pool at Carleton, Madison, and Oberlin. Wondering if I'll be coming back with a shaved head. Yesterday I went Philly for a second interview with SusquehannaPartners. Pretty cool. Still trying to catch up on sleep. Might be going home tonight.
1:23 AM Wednesday, April 7, 1999
Haven't slept more than 6 hours in a couple days. Really starting todrag me down. Might be going to Sam's Club either tonight or maybetomorrow night. Have a tourney in Ohio this weekend, playing with theBig Boys of College Ultimate. Finally cleaned the bathroom, at leastthe tub. Oh, and the room's getting cleaner. And I've got some moreThink Different Posters.
10:45 AM Friday, April 9, 1999
Tired and sore. Lots of ultimate practice, lots of running and sprinting. Good for the body. Going to classes and sleeping, or drawing and marking in ink. More downloads from the library yesterday. I'm leaving today for Oberlin, OH for an ultimate tourney. Got a hotel with a jacuzzi. That will be nice for Saturday night. Carleton's not going to be there, so I don't have to worry about shaving my head after we beat them. But some good teams to watch out for. I'm driving the Mini-van out there, about a 7 hour drive or so. I'll be back Sunday, and go home after that to see my parents.
11:28 AM Monday, April 19, 1999
Ultimate. This past weekend went 7-2, placing third in our section and advancing to Regionals next weekend. Before that just a week of classes, and showing up an 1 1/2 hours late to one class. But it's art. I saw the matrix again this past weekend. One thing I picked up this time was the useof what I will guess to be Fujitsu Stylistic 1200s for the computer getup that Tank was using. So more classes this week, and University of Illinois this weekend.
11:56 AM Thursday, April 22, 1999
With no updates, the hits keep coming. But more rain this rainy week, and more ultimate practice in cold weather. I grow weary. More rain is expected this weekend. I have yet to playin an IM Ultimate game. Every now and then I lapse and watch a couple hours of television, like last night when I saw something before Voyager and something else after that. Oh, and I've got some interview with WExcel, a computer consulting company downtown on Monday. Sounds pretty cool.
1:00 AM Tuesday, April 27, 1999
Had that interview today, with WExcel.It's a great company, small, different, better. Take what I've alwayswanted to do, what is a hobby, what I sometimes do for fun, and make itbillable, and that's what they do. It's incredible. I thought I'd eitherhave to wait a long time before getting my shot at a place like that, ormake a company up myself. So I liked them, I liked it. It's good. Andso is Chicago on a nice sunny day. I walked up Michigan Ave., almostspecifically to browse the Sony Store. They've got some great stuff tolook at. Like a 42" Gas Plasma Display, Flat TV. It's nice. Somedayto live in a place filled with Sony Consumer Electronics. And after Sonycame some browsing in a really big Borders. There's some really interestingScience Fiction books out there, like one about a 10 string nanostringvirus that turns rock into soup. And O'Reilly books have always kickedass. Got to get down to Chicago more often.
Archive of <April> <1999> [reverse chronological]