9:23 AM Monday, <November 1>, <2004>
Wow, so Seattle pulled it off, winning Open, Women's and Mixed at the UPA Club Championships this past weekend in Sarasota. That just rocks. Only 1 non Northwest team in the finals (sorry, but I'm not really counting Masters, even though I should). Oh, and that non-NW team? Chad Larson Experience from the Central Region. I'm waiting to hear some first hand observations from friends who went, but the only thing I'd really want to know is if it was windy. But spilt milk, right? Got in my Halloween movies, The Frighteners and The Sixth Sense, fairly related movies with main characters anyway. Didn't realize this until later. Got a bluetooth Apple keyboard, which rocks. Wireless everything rocks, except of course for the power, but it's really nice, and clean. Brought back a bunch of my mom's food from Woodstock. Got a couple new DVD holder things, something instead of the homemade cardboard thingie I was using. I do need to figure out how to quiet down my G4 desktop. It's quite noisy. Brought back a bunch of books from home as well, and I'm on Heir to the Empire, Book 1 of the Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn, set 5 years after Return of the Jedi.