9:30 AM Tuesday, <November 2>, <2004>
Windows are in, blinds are back up, everything's been plastered, primed and painted. So last night I started the unenviable task of redecorating, or whatever you want to call moving furniture around. Sleeper sofas are heavy. I still have to figure out a place to put my computer desks, which as of now will be without a computer on them. But I almost immediately got the home theater back up and running. And, Sony had a special rewards program discount, so that 400 DVD changer I've been eyeing for a while? Completely free through my Sony Points. That just rocks. But definitely still have lots to do, to clean up, to organize. Still got to vote today, will try tonight, but I expect huge lines. At 8am this morning there were probably 20 people waiting in line, outside the door to my polling place. Sweet. I'll bring a book.