1:59 PM Wednesday, <October 29>, <2003>
Okay, got my bags packed, I'm ready to go. Pretty soon I'll be on my way down south. Sun, Fun, and Ultimate. Keep track at the Score-o-matic. Watch Kaze tear it up. Good stuff in store. Staying at the Sarasota Surf and Racquet Club. Gonna be a good time. Recap: Friday Panther install. Pretty sweet. Saturday busy, practice, lunch with Leah and Alison at Chicago Diner, watching Lost in Translation, good flick, dinner with Elisa, Christie (Leah's roommates) and Kathryn (their sister) and Leah and Alison at Abu Nawa's. Sunday practice and laundry. Monday sushi at Shine. Tuesday sushi at Sai. Packing. And now the next 5 days, Florida.