7:45 AM Sunday, <October 31>, <2004>
Went home to Woodstock yesterday. Slightly spur of the moment, but really just a chance to hang out at home and do some laundry. A whole lot of laundry. I need to remember to get an attenuator for my HD antenna reception. That might help some. Stopped by the Woodfield Apple Store on the way out and played with the iPodPhoto. It's a chubby little guy. The photo interface is pretty slick, but I finally read a review someplace that said importing photos in the field using the Belkin card reader interface didn't allow the photos to be put into the interface. Too bad. Also took a look at the iMac G5, a slick looking machine, but small. Odd how that is now. I also drooled over the PowerMac G5's and they had a 30" Cinema Display there as well. That thing is just huge, like get lost on your own desktop huge. The 23" looks might fine though. They also had the old style ADC 23" on sale for $1500. I did not walk out with it, even though I wanted to. I also brought home my HDTV reciever, an old Samsung SIR-151 to try out with my parent's TV. And guess what, it picks up all the Chicago stations except WBBM (notorious low power VHF digital broadcast) with the huge antenna on the mast. It's sweet. I'm also leaving it out in Woodstock, and will use the EyeTV 500 as my sole HD source from now on. Crazy. I watched Monters, Inc. in HD last night, and it looked pretty much incredible. Also, WLS does their news in HD. Very nice. I still have to watch the Frighteners today, since it is Halloween, and maybe the Sixth Sense and Ghostbusters too? I forgot to mention that I had my dad finally look at my ankle. Without additional checks, it looks like I either damaged some ligaments or even worse, some cartilage in my foot. Sweet. Nothing I can do about that. So it was a good thing, health wise, to stop playing ultimate, and now, I've got a pretty good physical excuse to go along with my emotional and psychological reasons for not playing, which I'm not sure I've explained here yet.