9:45 PM Tuesday, <June 27>, 2023
Yeah, not going to get on any sort of schedule for the summer. Drove Lucy down to practice this morning. Got some work done. Did an Apple Fitness+ core workout and actually did my Gravity Push-Up Workout. Before I knew it I had to go pick Lucy up from Lifeguard camp, and then there was a chance she might go to evening practice, but opted not too. Hudson had been over, and Dave came over and they ended up staying for dinner, and then Kelley showed up as well, but she had things to do. I also had to make pancakes and bacon for Lucy and Alex between morning swim and Lifeguard camp tomorrow. I did manage to find some time to make the banana ice cream. Again, still not exactly what Jackson’s looking for, but it was pretty good. Made Pisco Sours for happy hour, and then Ocean Waters for dinner (quite refreshing). So yeah, don’t think this is a normal Tuesday for summer. Also the Canadian Wildfire smoke and haze is crazy. The campfire smell all day so weird.