9:29 PM Wednesday, <June 28>, 2023
So I think I remember having to do something for 3 weeks to get into a routine. I’ve now done a core and push-up workout 2 days in a row. So now I only have to do it 19 more days to get into a routine. Disappointed with the pancakes I made for the girls this morning. They were really dry. Definitely needed the butter syrup. At least I used up the rest of the Bisquick. Made the pancakes and bacon on the griddle. Never making bacon on the griddle again though, as the grease trap doesn’t actually trap all the grease (there’s space for grease to get by it). This was Lucy’s first full day of all 3 athletic sessions, morning and evening swim and lifeguard camp. It’s impressive. I don’t know how she’s doing the outdoor lifeguard camp with the low air quality. No asthma for her either. But I took a walk from Latin to Vanille Patisserie, and my throat feels all scratchy, like I’ve been smoking.