10:43 PM Monday, <June 26>, 2023>
Still not on one. Dropped Lucy off at lifeguard camp (didn’t go to swim practice today, either morning or evening). She did come in 2nd in the Beach Flag competition, which is pretty cool. She is going to morning practice tomorrow, and lifeguard camp. Wait and see if she wants to go to evening practice too, but I’m guessing not. Maybe try and ease into a full day of exercise? Almost like she’s working out for a movie role or something. Finally picked up a bottle of Eagle Rare. Just gave in and got it. Still working through the extra Irish whiskeys from the St. Patrick’s Day tasting. Always fun discovering an existing process that changes a new process I had been working on at work. That itself was a discovery of a new process that went in without me knowing that affected stuff I worked on. Trying out a starlight solo loop as a watch band. My black solo loop has a nick in it, so figured I’d replace it earlier than later. Also finally cashed some MetLife dental insurance checks. So annoying.