9:02 PM Sunday, <June 25>, 2023
Biked down to Verzany Patisserie with Tracy for brunch. Got a pretty good chicken salad on a croissant, rhubarb danish, and a cortado. It was hot out. Then a couple hours later had to bike over and pick Jackson up from my parents condo. Except it was the Pride Parade. I though there were pedestrian crossings at some major streets, but didn’t look like there was anywhere I could at Grace or Addison. So I ended up biking all the way to Wilson to cut over to inner Lake Shore Drive down to my parents condo. Then back up, this time to Lawrence, and over to Clark to get home. Then I biked Jackson again down to the gym for some pool time with Hudson, before biking home so he could pack up and then I biked him over to Hudson’s for a sleepover. Then I biked back, and plopped myself on the couch for a few episodes of The Magicians, a pint of gelato, and an Old Fashioned.