5:36 PM Wednesday, <May 12>, 1999
I've always been a big fan of soundtracks as a music source. I usually don't like a particular type of music for an extended period of time, and as movies tend to go through different moods, I get a nice range of music through Soundtracks. And recently I've been growing my collection. Over the past week or so, I've added Pleasantville, Dawson's Creek, Hackers, Lolita, The Matrix, Pi, Strange Days, What Dreams May Come, and When We Were Kings. I've actually exhausted my list of Soundtracks to get, so I think that's a good thing. In other audio news I downloaded lots of Ani DiFranco songs in mp3 format. I still don't know which album (or albums) to get of hers. Let me know of any suggestions. I'm on Secret Service Detail tonight for the President of ASG. Hope nothing goes wrong on that front. And I still have to find a place to live, but on the L ride backon the brown line there were some definite nice neighborhoods just north of the city. Hmmmm.