10:56 PM Wednesday, <May 19>, 1999
So today The Phantom Menace opened to mixed reviews. But I still haven't seen it, nor have tickets to go see it. The pressure just really isn't there yet. I'm planning on going Friday morningat McClurg downtown. I don't think the morning shows sell out. I'm tryingto get into a jockey ad for ultimate to appear in SI sometime. The Vomit Monkeys, or five of them, will get the chance to bear their boxers for the camera and get to watch college nationals this year in Boulder, CO. I've been going on a little too little sleep as of late, and maybe, just maybe it's starting to catch up with me. Work is work and I started looking at places to live, to really live, after school. I went down to Belmont for really my first time tonight with Jessica. I also played some pickup at Deering on this most glorious day. Saturday brings the annual Old vs. Young game of the Vomit Monkeys. Not really going to be a challenge, but when there's a crowd, it's more about showboating then absolutely demolishing the young whippersnappers.