6:33 PM Monday, <May 10>, 1999
I have been offered and accepted a position as a software engineer at WExcel in downtown Chicago. I'm currently working part time until July, when I start full. It's a great job, it's a great opportunity, and I couldn't pass it up. And so today I learned to use Cold Fusion, a rapid web development system. And so the job search is over, and I move into the next step of growing up, finding a place to live. I've heard good things about Lincoln Park and also the Ravenswood brown line area. But it's got to be close to some public transportation, and riding the Metra or the El is going to be second nature soon enough. In other news, I finished up the second book I got from the library, and now am moving on to a third, Eric Von Lustbader's Angel Eyes, the same guy who brought us such thrillers as The Ninja and Floating City.