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11:58 PM Monday, July 1, 2002
I managed to play summer league today, which means I'll be playing this weekend at Mars in Pittsburgh. So that'll be fun. In other news, I managed to find out that G.I. Joe will be on the Cartoon Network at midnight, CST, except for July 2nd, when Toon will be running an Iron Giant Marathon. So that's cool. I also watched a bit of very strange sports on Fox Sports World. After getting notified of cricket being televised, I managed to catch a bit of a sport that looks like lacross, maybe, mixed with some australian rules football, and other random stuff. It had a goal like soccer, and poles like rugby? You could advance the ball, which looked like a tennis ball, by popping it up with one hand and batting at it with the other, or using the paddle. Very strange. And then I got to see a bit of a very similar sport, except played with what looked to be a soccer ball and no paddles, but same field. Weird. Going to see Star Wars, AOTC again tomorrow.
12:06 AM Tuesday, July 9, 2002
Went to Mars this weekend, brought Tea & Strumpets, the travelling co-ed team I play with, full circle, back to where it all began. And pretty much ended up where we all began, semi's of the B division. Hot as usual, and some good plays and times were had and enjoyed. Made it back to the Church Brew Works. Strange things are afoot at the Circle K, that's for sure. For this week, Mr. Deeds Tuesday Night, summer league, and hopefully trying to find a job, as well as some platform material for stadium seating and a better card table material.
9:28 AM Tuesday, July 16, 2002
So it's official, well, as of last week too, but I'm playing co-ed in the Fall Series this year. It's going to be a lot of fun. I still haven't done my laundry, but I do have stadium seating. I got Warcraft III, which looks pretty sweet. Otherwise, fairly uneventful summer. Just playing summer league, waiting for my foot to get better enough so I can start getting into shape, and watching a lot of TV and movies.
9:44 AM Wednesday, July 17, 2002
I actually got up and watched Steve's Keynote, using mpeg4 streaming, which worked just fine. Quality between that and quicktime favors the quicktime stream, but then again, the mpeg4 stream never crapped out. No real hardware announcements, updated iPod, widescreen iMac. No other hardware updates. But iSync and iCal are really really cool. Seems like Apple gets the bluetooth syncML world, which is really really cool. iCal seems like a foot in the door enterprise-wise. Good family stuff. And instead of sleeping last night I implemented a polling system for team names for the Mixed team I'm playing with. I also finally did laundry, and managed to eat at Brasserie Jo, a good french place downtown, as a farewell dinner to Keating.
11:08 PM Friday, July 19, 2002
Went up to Evanston Century 12 to see Minority Report finally, and it's become my new favorite place to see movies. It's fabulous. And evanston, it's not the town I left behind oh so long 3 years ago. So many big buildings, and developments, and condos under construction. It's crazy. First practice, sorta, tomorrow for the Team with no name. Finally did some paperwork clean up and general cleanup here at the condo. Did a lot of driving around today, up in the north burbs. Northbrook court is a very nice shopping mall, if a little small. Fancy schmancy. Oh, and Minority Report was a really really good movie.
1:43 AM Thursday, July 25, 2002
My dual processor cube bit the big one, at least one of the processors bit the big one, so I'm back down to a single 500 MHz cube. It's alright. Upgrade to a GHz possible in the near future. Otherwise, still playing summer league, still working, still not getting enough sleep. Work outing today, chinese and pool. Should be a good time. Sandblast, the Chicago beach tourney, is this weekend. Looking forward to it, even if I'm sitting around with ice on both my heels and on my left knee.
10:15 AM Monday, July 29, 2002
So my dual proc cube isn't dead, is just needed its inductor coil resoldered. So I'm back to being double barreled. Sweet. Otherwise, I'm really tired and sore from Sandblast last weekend, where Sand Whammies made it to the semi's. Our point diff on the weekend was around +54 or something like that. I've sent out a couple more resumes, a couple more applications, and I've got to start doing some more research to find other place to apply to. A highlight from the weekend was making myself a fresh caprese salad, absolutely amazing stuff. Another highlight was dinner at Sai on Saturday. Ummmmm, sushi. Not too much on the horizon for the week.
12:38 AM Tuesday, July 30, 2002
I thought summer was filled with nothing but TV reruns and crap that doesn't work during the rest of the year. Instead I'm drawn to all sorts of things. The Great Outdoor games on ESPN, fabulous. The 3rd Tony Hawk Gigantic Skate Park Tour, also on ESPN, just rockin'. Hurling, darts, and other random sports on Fox Sports World. And now today, the first time I've seen SlamBall on TNN. That it the first real sign that makes me feel like I'm living in 2002, like I'm living in the future.
4:42 PM Wednesday, July 31, 2002
Summer. It's August, in a couple more hours anyway, and pretty much another summer in chicago has passed away. And I missed going to see Peter, Paul, and Mary again at Ravinia, along with Kodo who played Monday night. I still haven't been out to a Tuesday Night movie at Grant Park or beach ultimate pickup at North Beach. I did however stumble across a weblog that documented the end of various weblogs. Funny. I also managed to pick up the rest of Dashboard Confessional's albums/EP's from amazon. It's been on constant rotation on my iPod for the last couple of weeks.
Archive of <July> <2002> [reverse chronological]