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10:57 PM Wednesday, August 1, 2001
Well, after winning 4 games in a row that counted, we lost today in a game that didn't. But 6+ is looking good for the summer league tourney this weekend in Naperville. I tried out the track workout. Tired. I watched Die Hard with a Vengeance, reinstalled OSX, started ripping all my cd's again, moved the printer. Overall a fairly productive day.
11:12 PM Saturday, August 4, 2001
Went home thursday night, did some laundry, picked up some laundry, went to AMC Cantera in Warrenville for Planet of the Apes, Rush Hour 2, Made, and America's Sweethearts on Friday, and the summer league tourney on Saturday. Busy. But fun. So movies: Planet of the Apes was an okay summer movie. Alright. Rush Hour 2 was funny. Jeremy Piven? Genius. Made was also pretty good. Don't like the handheld shots though, make me ill. Or that might have been the sourpatch kids and icee. America's Sweethearts was by far my most liked movie of the day. Just funny. Very very funny, even if the rest of the audience doesn't find it funny.

As for summer league, the season's over, and I have mondays and wednesdays back. My legs will be much happier for it. 6+ ended up somewhere in the bottom 4 of the 2 tier of summer league teams, so 13-16th. But it was a good time, all season long.
11:26 PM Tuesday, August 7, 2001
Ahh, no work. Just handed in my application to University of Chicago today. I'm pretty much free as a bird. Watching a lot of movies, installing, reinstalling OSX, setting up computers.
8:56 PM Thursday, August 9, 2001
So I'm going to school this fall, looking to get a Masters in Computer Science. I just found out I got accepted to DePaul and University of Chicago, and now I have to decide which program I'll end up going to. Ahh, man is only truly alive at the point of decision. Or something like that. So now I have more time to watch more of my DVD collection, and no real worries until school starts. Yippee. Cooler this weekend, the pre-regionals regionals of midwest ultimate. Hopefully Union Crew will play well. At least represent.
9:52 PM Sunday, August 12, 2001
A nice weekend up in Delafield, WI, for Cooler. Big this year, biggest ever supposedly. Didn't get enough sleep either night though. Union Crew did okay, 2-3, holding seed, which I guess is good. No major screw ups or bend overs. Beat the teams we're supposed to beat, lost to the teams that we're supposed to lose to. Saw American Pie 2 Saturday night, very funny. I'd say as funny as the first one. Amusing when seen with Union Crew. Hit the A & W both coming and going, highway K. Nothing like a tall frosty glass of root beer after ultimate. But tired, which makes me happy. Spending the next couple of days out in Woodstock.
2:11 AM Friday, August 17, 2001
So I'm going to University of Chicago for Grad School. Should be sweet. So that means more time off before school starts, but that should mean more time to maybe do a couple projects to get back into the swing of things. More movies both watched and to be watched, and errands to run tomorrow; getting jerseys screened, working on some wedding video stuff, miscellaneous computer stuff. Then more ultimate this weekend.
9:07 PM Friday, August 17, 2001
While driving around running some errands today, an F-16, part of the Thunderbirds, flew down Lake Shore full flame on. Really really loud. I did not want to ever have that sound overhead for extended periods of time, and made me glad and thankful that I live in a time and country of peace. War, with all its air support, would be hell. Anyway, lots of attractive people out and about in the Old Town, Lincoln Park, North and Sheffield area. The Best Buy around there is okay, but not as big as others I've been to. And I watched Josie and the Pussycats today. Good flick. Review on the more. Josie and the Pussycats. Good Flick. Tunes catchy enough that I placed the order for the soundtrack immediately after watching the movie, and going out for a Coke, and getting some Taco Bell. Anyway, how can you lose with the writers and directors from Can't Hardly Wait, a boy band knock off with Seth Green which isn't in the movie enough, and three hotties on screen for most of the time. Some cute in-jokes with Tara and Carson, and more little things all around that will come out with repeated viewings both with and without the commentary track. Must be the big "O". Overall a very funny movie. I feel bad about not supporting it in the theater, but hoping that it gets a nice little cult following and then someday getting to see Du Jour get back together for another movie, possibly their own. That would be jerkin'.
9:48 AM Monday, August 20, 2001
Another week starts. Practice last weekend didn't go too well, considering numbers. Dinner on saturday by Sam and Rick, with some good company. More DVD watching, more video editing. I'm headed home to woodstock for a day or two tomorrow.
1:12 AM Thursday, August 23, 2001
I took the scenic and nostalgic route back from Woodstock, going the way to NU all those years. Nice to see all the different things that have changed, or been constructed, or torn down. The world's just a little bit less familiar each day. But played some poker with some friends, reset my MacOSX nfs mounts, watched Josie again, slept a lot. Hopefully I'll arrange for the union crew jerseys to get screened, and copy some more wedding videos for my parents. Oh, and I've got practice tomorrow.
11:05 PM Friday, August 24, 2001
Well, Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, and Dogma were watched today in honor of the release of the fifth and final Jersey Based View Askew movies by Kevin Smith and co. The actual viewing of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back will probably occur next week sometime. Got to eat some good middle eastern fare brought up by King. The soundtracks and High Fidelity came from Amazon today as well. Only about 32 more cd's to rip to recomplete my cd collection on hard drives. Rump Roast tomorrow, as well as practice.
12:51 AM Sunday, August 26, 2001
So another party at hammerdown, and this time I keep my clothes on, and don't do any dancing, but I try my hand at dj'ing and fail miserably. Finished off a Kevin Smith weekend by seeing Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Very funny movie. Looking forward to the DVD special edition with all the other jokes they had to cut out of it. Got rained on on the way back, which is always cool.
10:40 PM Sunday, August 26, 2001
Practice was hard today, I found myself more winded. Very out of shape. Let's hope I can change that a little bit in the 6 weeks I have before Regionals in Versailles, OH. Watched High Fidelity, a good flick. Deleted scenes were funny. Cleaned my computer desks a little. Probably read some more of the Death Gate Cycle by Weis and Hickman before an early bedtime.
2:33 AM Wednesday, August 29, 2001
So today, well, yesterday I made my first visit to the Apple Store at Woodfield. Such a nice place. Got an iMic to input movie quotes recording on minidisc off a dvd player to burn new warmup cd's. But the store was nice and clean. Definitely where I'd go if I was looking for a computer. But I'm not. And I pretty much have everything I need or want, computerwise, but it's still nice to see. Picked up an application. Had some A&W. Helped Rita move. Saw Summer Catch. Had some breakfast. Recreated jersey logo's for Union Crew. Watched Memphis Belle. Not bad for a tuesday.
Archive of <August> <2001> [reverse chronological]