so 4 more years? looking at those red and blue electoral college maps, seeing the expanse of red, the fringes of blue, and trying to understand what that means, it seems, it appears, that the nation, we, the people, are having a strong head and strong heart issue. When I see the red in the middle of the nation, I think breadbaskets, America's heartland, I see cornfields, wheatfields, cattle and cows, small town america, the places John Cougar Mellencamp sings about. I see the blue collar, I see farmer, factory workers, service industry. When I see the blue, I see coastlines, I see urban landscapes, the movers and the shakers, the drivers, international touches, big cities, money, intellectuals, ceo's and analysts. I see a nation divided over what it knows it should do, and what it feels it should do. I see the head, the mind, in the blue, in the coastlines, in the Democratic party. I see the heart, the body, in the heartland and the Republicans. The nation, what's the next step? How to solve the divided nature? My opinion, of course, is 3rd party. A 3rd party would either unite everyone together, or maybe even at least unite everyone else against. But the key idea there is united. Is united an impossible dream now? Is there too great a gap between the heart and the head? The heart knows what the heart wants. The head knows how to get it. Sometimes the head knows otherwise, and puts down what the heart wants. Oh, nation-state id, ego, and superego. So what to do? What do I think is the solution? That there is no solution. That sometimes you go with your gut. Sometimes you go with what's got the most in the + column. But after all, you've got to make a choice. And after making that choice, dealing with the consequences. So 4 more years. Deteriorating international policy. More right wing, morality stances by the government. Backlash? What next? Do people start leaving the country, because the country is no longer what they believe in? do they work even harder at pushing back the heart? When's the heart gonna be broken? because that's bound to happen.
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