So there's this whole election thing going down tomorrow. I did say I was going to keep track of my first ever vote in a US Presidential Election. So, what am I going to do? I'm voting Libertarian. What's that? See entry at Wikipedia. That means voting for Michael Badnarik for president. That means voting for Jerry Kohn for U.S. Senate in Illinois. As for U.S. Congressional District 9, it's either Democrat Jan Schakowsky or Republican Kurt Eckhardt. I guess I'll go for the Republican after glancing over their respective websites. Easy to get to Kurt's issue stances, hard to find on "Jan's Website".
So why? Change. There's the whole idea that we, as a country, as a society, is on the verge of something. Something big, something different. A snowball that's gathered too much snow when rolling down a hill. I feel that things have gotten too big, inertia is too much, that a change is needed. The idea of a third party, well, it starts small, it starts here, with me, and so I'll vote Libertarian. All of my friends, most of what I read on-line, is all Anti-Bush. I find it funny that even in my personal world, everyone seems Anti-Bush, yet what I see on TV or news websites, that Kerry-Bush are pretty much even. So much of this "democracy" that I'm not really a part of, which is my guess. Classless society? Interesting concept. And the question stated by some Slashdot commenter, would you rather be punched (Kerry) or shot (Bush) on November 2nd? My answer? Neither. I would choose neither, and end up getting punched or shot anyway. But at least I wouldn't have chosen it.
So why Libertarian? Well, I'm a well educated minority in a nice white collar job in a pretty nice area. I've got good family. Parents were immigrants who pulled themselves up by their bootstraps. They did, with no help from anyone, through hard work and perseverance. Why does that have any bearing on my political leanings? I don't know. I'm definitely lucky, and I haven't completely figured out the social aspect of Libertarians, but it'd be a change of pace, that's for sure. I guess the biggest reason for me voting Libertarian is for a change. Those running don't seem overly political, which I like. Shooting myself in the foot? Maybe. But I know I'm not asking to be punched or shot.
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