bigger, better, faster, stronger. i looked down at my coca-cola classic can, and notice, it's got one of those big mouth openings. remember the days when cans had regular sized openings? and big mouths were special on Mountain Dew and beer? and now it's everywhere. it's commonplace, it's ordinary. a swing to the right. wholesome, with the threat of the reds coming across the ocean, or candles topped with death raining down from the arctic circle, and the cycle continues, folds in upon itself, and is reborn, or is it retreat, but as such, with laws and rules and guilt and regulation trying to be implemented from on high, creativity, expression, freedom bubbles, escapes, seeps through cracks in the facade of normality, and we'll soon give birth to a revolution, again. how long before it happens, how long will it take for the phoenix to go up in flames, when will it happen, and will i be around to see it?
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