drooling over a laptop i shouldn't get, that i have no need for, but just continues to intrigue me even when it's missing a feature i wish it had. a sony u101. about the size of 3 dvd cases. full fledged laptop. runs linux. the only problem, and this is the only problem, besides finding funding? no built in bluetooth. if it had that, i'd probably go into debt to get it. i mean, it's tiny. and if it had bluetooth, and the big battery, i'd be online all the time, checking mail, rsd, websites, posting here to musings and daily dose, working on websites for Kaze. now that i'm on XP and ssh'ing into my home linux box, well, i'm linux, i'm in the terminal all day. and i like it. but damn, no bluetooth, and damn, no money, and damn, no compelling reason to get one. except using it for everything instead of using a notebook for team stuff. no reason. no reason. but i still want one.
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