4:42 PM Friday, <June 23>, 2023
Almost last day of getting up super early. Last day for Jackson, but I’m getting up to bring my mom and Auntie Agnes to the airport tomorrow morning, so one more day for me. Just worked from home. Basement office is not nearly as cool as I thought it would be. At my desk it’s 77° We do keep the house at 78° though, but I just figured it would be cooler down here. Went out to run some errands; Target for body wash and ended up getting the new Zuru X-Shot Skins Pro Series Longshot Blaster, the North Buena Deli and Wine Shop and picked up the last bottle of Redwood Empire Bottled-in-Bond Grizzly Beast Straight Bourbon Whiskey on the shelf, and then Curious Creatures for some mealworms. Still sore from the core workout on Wednesday. Hopefully will settle in to a routine in the next couple of weeks.