10:14 PM Thursday, <June 22>, 2023
Spent another day at Woodfield Mall. I like going out there. I don’t like the drive, but I like going to the mall. After my morning work session I did the exercise walk thing (50 min/1.77 miles) around the mall. I felt old. Would have been funny if I rucked it instead. Another Starbucks breakfast, and no full size pretzel dog at Auntie Anne’s, so I settled for a cup of the mini pretzel dogs. They had frozen lemonade, but just went with a regular. Didn’t get anything else today. Brought the Fujifilm X-E4 and took some pics of the kids at soccer camp. Wonder if they came out ok. Traffic was worse today coming back in compared to Tuesday. We also went all the way in to Fullerton because Tracy had the great idea for them to go swimming after camp. Worked out well, they ate some food, played in the game room, played in the pool, played on the playground, had a water fight, went back in the pool, ate again, then the moms showed up, and ordered some drinks. Pretty good day. And got some work done too, so it wasn’t a complete loss.