10:03 PM Monday, <June 12>, 2023
Drove Lucy and Alex Spaulding to morning practice. Worked at the Dom’s Kitchen & Market on Wells St for a bit. Freezing, and much bigger than the one on Halsted. Felt more impersonal. I like the one up by us, even though it’s so much smaller. Anyway, picked up Alex Wang and Lucy early to get back in time for Ten Pound Cake summer camp. They made triple chocolate muffins. Also, I think we know 10 out of the 24 possible campers. So that feels pretty cool. Then a relatively full house, with Alex, Emmy and Lucy and then Jackson, Finn came over for a bit. Then Jackson went out with Eli, met up with Jackson G while Lucy went to evening practice. Crazy summer days. Tracy’s taking the plunge and upgrading her iPhone. We haven’t been synced on upgrades for a while. I’ll probably upgrade myself after the iPhone 15 Pro comes out this fall. Going back to the Pro series. The mini feels nice, but just doesn’t perform as nice. Also getting my Aeron chair back from Tracy. Feels pretty nice.