5:40 PM Tuesday, <June 13>, 2023
Probably not going to get myself on any sort of regular schedule, for exercise anyway, until summer is over. Probably have a couple weeks here and there where I can try, but then it’ll get broken up by something. I guess I hsould just start grabbing time when I can. Only had to pick up Lucy and Alex from morning swim session, and then was pretty much home all day. Went out to drop Jackson off at the Grady’s, and did a quick Jewel run, and got back in time for the bread pudding in the oven. Started watching The Magicians. I think I watched Season 1 a long ago (just checked Trakt and it was 7 years ago). But only made it through 1 season. Kind of makes me want to read the books again? Also want to read Percy Jackson & The Olympians again, since Jackson just finished The Lightning Thief in school, but he doesn’t want to read the rest of them. So I might instead.