6:27 PM Sunday, <June 11>, 2023
Jackson’s Northwind 2013 Premier 3 2022-23 season is now over. Ended the season on another loss, 0-5, completing a streak of 4 losses to end the year. They definitely played better yesterday. Again only had 2 subs. Weather was cold and windy. Not fun to watch. Not like yesterday. Alex’s mom correctly remarked how much better they play on turf compared to grass. Makes sense since they only practice on turf. Also they wore white, which I still think looks wrong for them, but at least this year they wore them twice. Jackson got worse as a midfielder as the season went on, think he started playing less there and more defense, so that probably had something to do with it. Anyway, next year should be interesting, moving up to 9v9. Been having issues with my iPhone 13 mini for a while, so decided to go ahead and nuke and pave last night. Didn’t do a restore, and working through downloading and configuring only what I need.