9:46 PM Sunday, <June 4>, 2023
Did some house chores, another load of Jackson’s laundry to wash his jersey which he needed for 2 more games today. Biked up for this first one, on the bad grass field. It was against the same team as yesterday’s, and they won again, coming alive in the 2nd half. Jackson’s also dealing with hives. Not sure what triggered them, but they seem to be going away. Will probably be taking benadryl for the next couple of days just in case. Anyway, biked home for a couple hours after picking up lunch from Windy City Gyros before poorly choosing to drive up for the 2nd game (hard to find parking). They ended up losing that one, but got to play on the turf for the first time in a while. Tracy came and watched too. Both games I didn’t have a camera so got to continue watching and provide commentary for the game. Tracy ended up grilling burgers and sausage for dinner, then we watched a bunch of Fresh Off the Boat because Lucy was actually watching it on the TV instead of her phone. I went out with Jackson and got some Dairy Queen and I made the banana green curry pound cake again.