9:18 PM Saturday, <June 3>, 2023
Since the cameras are either on the fritz on out for repair, I just watched and commented on Jackson’s soccer game today. Thought we were going to be short handed, but we weren’t. Thought it’d be hot out and we’d be sluggish, but it was actually cool by the lake. They scored out the gate, and thought we were in trouble. But then coach Yuri subbed in Graham and Sebastian who scored immediately and the flood gates opened. We even pulled a player, and then managed to score a couple goals after that. So a pretty good day. Biked out there, no issues. Watched Jackson Grady perform a School of Rock set at The Cubby Bear before hand. Pretty cool. And finished Succession. Think I’m going to listen to the official HBO Podcast, at least of the final season. Curious what it’s like. Had a craving for Panda Express so picked some up for the kids and I tonight.