9:56 PM Friday, <June 2>, 2023
Drove the kids to soccer practice today, and sat and did some work and occasionally glanced up and watched practice. Premier 2 and 3 practiced next to each other and eventually combined for a scrimmage. Seemed like a pretty sizable gap between the two. Premier 2 definitely playing a team game. Makes me sad for Jackson that he’s missing out. I feel like he’d do much better with a more cohesive team. At the same time I understand that he doesn’t take it super seriously, and rather enjoys playing with teammates. But yeah, definitely easy to see the gap when when they combined players for the full field scrimmages. Curious what next year’s 9v9 is going to bring. Also interesting to see Aiden playing defense, from what I remember of him at the end of last year, he was great in the midfield. But I haven’t seen them play all at all, so who knows. Tried putting velcro on the outdoor sofa cushions. Well, tried them on 1 cushion. Failed miserably because it wouldn’t stick to the cushion. Maybe try from fabric glue? Also thinking of trying some carabiners on the cushions and checking to see what structural attachment points I could stick rings to on the couch. Only need it at the back to keep them from sliding forward.