10:44 PM Monday, <June 5>, 2023
Was a Lucy chauffeur day again. Took her to school, picked her up early (at lunch and she only had advisory after), the took her to swim practice and worked a bit at Starbucks before picking her up and taking her home. Picking her up early from school meant I didn’t get to watch WWDC 2023 Keynote live, I waited 2.5 hours until it was available to stream from the beginning. I did manage to not get anything spoiled. Lots of sherlocking, some interesting things in the OS feature quilts, and the One More Thing. I say I’m not going to get it, but I am excited for  Vision Pro. I’m excited for the groundwork they’re laying. I’m excited for when the hardware catches up to the “vision”. Feels like they nailed the UI part. And if Disney pulls off anything in their pitch vid? Well, really cool things in store. So I’m typing this on my iPad Pro now, but in a couple years? I’d just slip on my  Visions and start typing something out on the table, or just dictating it (more likely typing), and submitting with a tap of a finger on my thumb. Although I do see the “Black Mirror” future possibility, with my entire family sitting around, all wearing them. How different is it when we’re all on our iPhones and iPads now? I can’t imagine wearing one to capture moments, but makes me hope the next iPhone has 3D capture capability. Or they come up with a wearable 3D camera to to capture those moments, instead of having to use the  Vision Pro. Either way, seems like the future. I don’t think I thought of the future when I saw the iPod click wheel. Definitely thought of the future when I saw the iPhone and iPad. Didn’t think of the future until I actually used AirPods Pro. But definitely feel like I’m seeing the future with  Vision Pro.