11:12 PM Saturday, <April 29>, 2023
So Jackson’s team tied their first game today, 0-0, and won their second, 3-1. My normal game reporting wasn’t working because my cell reception was so poor. Thought I had done it for the first one, but when I checked before the second game, everything I wrote was gone. So at least I got to concentrate on watching and trying to take photos. It all depends on our first game tomorrow to see if we have to stick around for a 3pm final. Half hoping they don’t, cause it means getting home late, but then again, would be nice to get another win on the board. Good getting to know some parents of teammates. Ended up at a hibachi restaurant for dinner, so that was fun, if late. Lunch was really good as Westport Social, and there were plenty of games to keep the kids busy. I’d saw pretty successful so far.