11:11 PM Friday, <April 28>, 2023
Down in St. Louis, or outside of it for Jackson’s soccer tournament. Drive down was fine, leaving during rush hour was annoying. Took 1.8 hours to go 55 miles out of the city. All in, took 5 1/2 hours? Normally should take 4 1/2. Didn’t get to the hotel until after 10pm. But pretty easy drive. Nice that Jackson had headphones on the entire time, so I got to listen to podcasts the whole way down. The phone mount worked great, no issues there. Tried out the cooling fans in the seats for the first time. Pretty nice. Even on the lowest setting and wearing pants could feel it. Schedule is pretty nice tomorrow, first game not until 11:15, and at the main set of fields. Only about 10 minutes away. Same location for the afternoon game. Sunday game is in a separate location, but also not too far away. Hopefully it’s a fun weekend.