7:45 PM Thursday, <April 27>, 2023
Did Jackson and my laundry. Got my parents car. Installed a MagSafe car mount. Put chairs and a blanket in the back. There’s already an umbrella back there. Camera batteries charged. Firmware upgraded. Still have to pack (gotta bring a whole range of stuff, just in case). Don’t forget bathing suits. Wonder if I should bring some whiskey, or a premixed cocktail? Weather looks decent, mid to low 60s, high 50s. Supposedly some wind on Sunday. Drive down will probably be annoying, deal with traffic and construction. Expecting to come back by afternoon on Sunday, think we won’t make the finals. Ordered Jackson a tourney t-shirt, just getting it delivered so we don’t have to deal with it. A little surprised he actually wanted one. Not sure if we need to bring a cooler for snacks or anything. First travel soccer tourney (not counting the ones in Montegomery) since I missed out on last year’s. Hopefully it’s as fun as it sounded last year.