8:24 PM Monday, <May 1>, <2023
Had to take Lucy to get her first orthodontic appliance (Herbst for those that know, which wasn’t me up to 4 days ago). But yeah, dropped her off at the office, walked back home for a work meeting, then walked back to get some info on it and pick her up, then brought her home, then took the car over to Ashland Tire & Auto to get the flat fixed, which only took 17 minutes and $35, and then back home for more work, before heading out to get Lucy soup from Panera Bread for lunch. Then finally a breather before settling in for more work. So no time to exercise today. I’m actually a Level II CPS volunteer, because I’m helping chaperone LTAC’s bowling unit. Got to walk the kids to and from Waveland Bowl for only 2 classes out of the whole month their doing the unit. Will try and get some exercise in by rucking over and back, cause work’s slammed right now. And there’s a chance I’ll be getting my hands dirty and helping with a server move into our CH2 data center this weekend. So what I should also be doing is making sure I’m getting plenty of sleep, since I might not on Saturday night. So I thought after the St. Louis tournament it would quiet down, seems like the opposite. Things seem to be ramping up. Like constantly. It’s getting tiring.